Product Photography and Graphic Design

Product photography and Graphic Design

Product photography and Graphic Design

Your product shots are your sales pitch

The customer will never be able to touch or feel the item you’re selling, so it’s up to the photos to sell itself- which means you better have some really high-quality images if you want people to buy!
We know what it takes to make a great first impression. Our team of top-notch product and lifestyle photographers work together as a cohesive unit to ensure your photos look the part so that customers will find it easier not only to buy from you, they’ll feel confident doing so.
When it comes to setting yourself apart from the competition on Amazon, there is no better way than using professional lifestyle photography. Our experts will help you create an image for your product that stands out and tells potential customers what they can do with their purchase!

Photoshoot Bundles

3 Images​ Package


5 Images​ Package


7 Images​ Package


1) Amazon White Background


The main image on Amazon is required to have a pure white background and no text or graphics. We shoot our studio-quality, professional photos in natural lighting with top-of-line camera equipment for the most authentic representation possible! Our editing team edits out blemishes while also touching up levels if need be so we can achieve “better than real life” images for your product listing.

2)Amazon Infographic Images:

In today’s fast-paced world, it can be hard enough just try to keep up with all of the information we receive. It becomes even more challenging when you’re looking for something specific in a sea of content and ads that are vying for our attention span as well! Using a visual like infographic design on images is by far one fastest way of communicating key benefits of your product to your customer

3)Real Lifestyle Photos With Model:

For highly technical products or brands with a big enough budget, it is essential to have real-life photos of the model using them. However, we’ve created an alternative for those who don’t want your lifestyle photos to be too expensive. Photo Manipulation Lifestyle Images are the best, most cost-effective way to create digitally impressive images.
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