Complete Amazon Marketing Services

for Private Label Brands


Extensive Research

Before we start with the writing procedure, we go through an extensive process of market, keywords, and competitor research to get us all the knowledge and under- standing of your product, to make sure that yours will stand out.

SEO Optimized Title

We Provide a fully optimized Title that features a combination of your #1 search terms and great selling points to help the amazon algorithm and your potential customers to find your product.

5X Benefit Driven Bullet Points

We provide 5 Keyword rich bullet points written in a compelling style, to highlight your products main benefits, features and the unique personality of your brand.

Persuasive HTML Descriptions

The description features a clear and beautiful layout with properly formatted HTML codes, so a customer can scan over any important details with ease. We provide a full-length description with close to 2000 characters (per Amazon’s limit)

Backend Search Terms

We will provide the full 249 characters of search term keywords (Per Amazons latest update). These will include latent semantic indexing keywords, related synonyms, common misspellings and Spanish keywords.

List of Keywords for PPC Campaigns

As an extra bonus, we can provide a list of keyword phrases that you can use in your Sponsored Ad campaigns. This can help you bid for more relevant and hidden keywords and lower the cost of your overall PPC campaigns.

Discount available
for bulk orders

Turnaround time for each
package is 4-7 business days

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